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Molino Real Moscatel 2009 500ml

The great wines of the past were often sweet wines: Tokaji, Sauternes, Vin Santos, Madeiras, Late Harvest Rieslings, Vins de Paille,.. all associated with the great wine regions of the Old World. In its first auction in 1769, Christie's placed Malaga wines right next to the best wines from the Rhine and Burgundy.

In Malaga, specifically in Cómpeta, between the mountains of Granada and the Mediterranean Sea. Nine hectares of vineyards in different elevations (between 350 and 1,000 meters) always on impossible slopes of Paleozoic rusty slate, with much erosion but without terraces to avoid denaturing the soil.

In sunny and shady places, a single variety, the Muscat of Alexandria, takes advantage of the hot slate to ripen, followed by the traditional "sunning" - leaving them to dry under the sun to considerably increase their concentration.

Two long vintages, one in the vineyard and another in the "pasero". Oil presses with "capachas" (rounded mats of esparto), used to extract the juice of the grape, which gives rise to the famous "Mountain Wine". 2 kilos and a half of grapes to obtain a single liter of grape juice.

Long and complex fermentation in 225 liter wooden tanks. Slow aging and low temperatures for 20 months

Country: Spain
Producer: Telmo Rodriguez
Region: Malaga


in a mixed case (6 per case)

Stock: 1 unit