Gift Registry

Client Information (ie Making a Registry)

Our Gift Registry operates like any other registry you may be familiar with (Myer, David Jones etc). You simply register, select some products you’re interested in for your celebration and then hand out the details for people to browse.

Upon registering, we’ll generate a Gift Registry Key for you. This is the Gift Registry Key you need to give people so they can browse your wishlist. Naturally, you should select some products before handing out the Gift Registry Key, which can be done online or instore.

Your Gift Registry List can be generated by accessing the online store and selecting items and placing the appropriate quantity in your shopping cart. Once you're happy with the list in your cart, select "Load Cart to Registry" and the contents of the Shopping Cart will be saved as your Gift Registry (you will need to be logged in for the 'Load to Registry' option to appear.) Alternatively, you can browse the range in store and we can formulate or add to your list for you.

To edit the details/items, you have to login to the site, and then select the "Load Registry into Cart" option, at which point you can edit the cart and re-save if necessary.

Once an item is purchased from your wish list, that item will be removed from the list so that it isn’t available for anyone else to purchase.

Guest Information (ie buying for someone)

To purchase items from a Gift Registry, you will need to log in to our system (create an account here) and then enter the Gift Registry Key you received. From there you will be presented with a list of items in the registry list to browse and purchase from. 

By default, any order you place will be delivered to you, although you can also choose to have the gift held here for you to collect (select the "pickup" option when checking out).


Enter a Gift Registry Key below, and we'll direct you to our online store with a list of products for that customer.

Gift Registry Key

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NOTE: Please note an email will be sent to you with some instructions and your Gift Registry Key that can be used with the online store. You need to give this Gift Registry Key to people so they can browse your wishlist.