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Toro Albalá Don PX Pedro Ximénez 'Vino Dulce Natural' 2017 375ml

The Don P.X. wines come from the youngest vintage wines from Toro Albalá. The carefully selected grapes are hand harvested from the oldest Pedro Ximénez and are then left to dehydrate under the sun for up to two weeks, concentrating the grapes' sugars. The grapes are then lightly pressed and tipped into fermentation vessels. When the perfect balance between sugar, alcohol and acidity has been reached, the fermenting must is 'stunned' with argudiente (clear local brandy). The resulting wine is then decanted into stainless steel and the local cone-shaped Tinajas tanks to naturally settle (due to the richness of the wine it cannot be filtered) before being bottled straight from the holding vessel. As these early release wines are not barrel aged or blended, they are wonderfully pure, fresh, grapey examples of Pedro and capture all the delicious tanginess of the style before rancio sets in. The palate glows with concentrated toffee, caramel and dried fruit notes and finishes with a warm, lingering flourish.

Country: Spain
Producer: Toro Albala
Region: Montilla Moriles


in a mixed case (6 per case)

Stock: 3 units