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Jancis Robinson

The Jancis Robinson Collection is a cross-disciplinary collaboration with celebrated London-based product designer Richard Brendon, who pairs a love of heritage crafts with an eye for modern design. Before teaming up with Jancis he’d made a name for himself creating collections for the likes of Four Seasons, Gleneagles, Corinthia Hotel London, Fortnum & Mason, Lane Crawford and Harrods.
“I was looking for the perfect wine glass,” says Jancis. “I love white wine as much as red and have never understood why white wine glasses are routinely smaller than those designed for red wine. White wines can be just as complex, and just as deserving of what you might call aroma enhancement as reds.”

Finest Crystal - The glasses are light and perfectly balanced, with a particularly fine rim to minimise the amount of glass that comes between wine and palate.

Lead-Free - The glass ensures that each piece is light, ultra-fine and durable against clouding.

Mouth-Blown - The master craftspeople who meticulously hand-make each piece are among the most skilled glass blowers in the world.

Perfect Pour - A 125ml pour comes to the widest point of the bowl, maximising the release of the all-important aromas.

Dishwasher Safe - The Wine Glass has been designed to fit to fit easily into domestic and commercial machines, and its sturdy stem minimises the likelihood of breakages.

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